Our family consists of both people and 4 legged friends!


We pasture board horses on 25+ acres of green pasture, set up in a rotational grazing cycle, as well as transport horses.

Ron Rhoades riding Blue atop ridge

Ron Rhoades riding Blue atop a ridge in Shawnee National Forrest.

The Rhoades Family

Sara RhoadesSara Rhoades

Was originally part of the White family, yes the one that helped settle White Heath! The name is FAMOUS! Graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor's degree in microbiology. Spent time managing White Horse Farm, Rhoades Properties and helping promote equestrian activities in general and trail riding specifically through her efforts with the ILTR (Illinois Trail Rider) organization, the trail committee of the HCI (Horse Council of Illinois) and helping organize OVETS 2008 (Ohio Valley Equestrian Trail Symposium) to be held in the Shawnee National Forest area (Sara had attended OVETS 2007). Sara had ridden western and english since school and enjoyed eventing and trail riding. She homeschooled our youngest child, Sean, since the beginning of his school eligibility, who has now graduated and has joined the work force.

Ron RhoadesRon Rhoades

Graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. Now spends time operating White Horse Farm and Rhoades Properties and, most importantly, was an enabler of his wife's efforts in supporting the equestrian community. Email him me at rj@rhoadesgroup.com. Enjoys trail riding on horseback!

Tavis RhoadesTravis Rhoades

Jon RhoadesJon Rhoades

Sean RhoadesSean Rhoades

Is now proudly employed at FedEx.